1. The Garden

From the recording Dry Lightning

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Eric Schaffer – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Alvin Blaine – Dobro
Heather Hardy – Fiddle
Peter McLaughlin – Acoustic lead guitar
Peter Dalton Ronstadt - Percussion


©2023 Eric Schaffer/Carol Schaffer
She sits on the front porch looking out at the garden through the screen
The grass is turning brown, the last winter leaves have fallen from the tree
The roses I planted for her when our love was new
She don’t remember, but that’s OK
Because I do

She saw that dry dirt patch, had a vision no one else could see
I laid the walkways down and build the walls according to her dream
A wrought iron gate and the lilies she nurtured back to bloom
She don’t remember, but that’s OK
Because I do

The iron gate got rusty and the bricks have drifted out of line
I tend the beds for her, keep them pretty, that’s what she would’ve liked
The honeysuckle vine still grow strong and the roses too
She don’t remember but that’s OK because I do
Because I do .
I still do.
God, I love her so
I still do